Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A good day.

I had a good and exciting day yesterday.

When I was painting and listening to the radio the doorbell rang, outside was my friend Per from Oslo. What a nice surprise, we shared a couple of hours talking, discussing and laughing. Never boring when Per shows up.
When he left I continued painting and in the evening I went to learn more about the Golden products. That was an interesting meeting. I knew a little in beforehand but wow, what alot one can do with those things. I had to buy a start package of Golden Open. This paint acts like oil paint, very slow to dry. I'm looking forward to try them out. And all those mediums, I especially noticed the cracle paste and the fiber paste.

The cracle paste is obvious, it makes the background cracle. The fiber paste makes the canvas act like watercolor paper and if one add quite alot of water to the fluid paint, that will act like watercolors too.
I know I'll have to try these things but, little by little.

When we were finished, each one of the participants was given a small bag containing Golden products. YAY!!
Below you see what was in my bag. I GOT THE FIBER PASTE !!!!!!
Lycky me.


After the last finishing touches to my swap project, I continued to paint on my ongoing painting today.
Below it's done.  It's called : THE MOTHER.
It isn't excactly a sweet painting, more like a comment to the world we live in. How is Mother Earth doing for the time beeing? Not good I believe.

Well, that's all for now. Have some good creative moments you too!


  1. Lucky you to get those Golden products! I have the fiber paste, too, but have only used it a couple of times. I love their fluid acrylics.

    The Mother is beautiful...and you're right, Mother Earth is not doing so good. We all need to take better care of her.

  2. Oh wow, love your painting. Birthing a new creation, gorgeous! Laila, your such a wonderful person and can totally understand why you receive such beautiful surprise visitors! Much love <3