Sunday, May 20, 2012

This weekend has been fun.

Sandra made her very first real painting on canvas. (pizzabox)

I'm really impressed by the way she approach whatever she is going to do. Not afraid to try anything, more like yes bring it on.
I showed her some paintings, talked about ways of doing it and she sat down planning her work. I did suggest to her that some simple shapes would probably be smart to start with. She drew some flowers and painted them herself.
Below you see her in action.

 I love the result and she was very proud too. Her mom liked it so much that she was looking for a space in their livingroom to hang it. Best of all is that it's ready to hang. We made the hanging wire before painting it.

Sandra want to do alot more of this and that was what I was counting on too.

I did finish another of my russian doll paintings. This one is a bit different but I like her and she is called : If I was a Viking..... I wasn't kind to her while drawing her feet, but I was trying to keep the shape of a russian doll. If you look closer, you'll see that the shape is still there.

As a Viking I would probably not wear red shoes but I would have loved to own a shield like this one. I don't know why she became a Viking to me, but she did. The background is missing here too, I find it difficult to choose something suitable. I'll have to wait with this one too.

My self portraits, I forgot last week but coming week I'll do another one.

We've had summer today and will have the next days too. I simply love it!
Enjoy your week!

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