Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The garden work inspired me.

Yesterday we had a cooler kind of weather.

And I spent the day finishing this painting. It was already started (drawn) so it was mainly painting and detailing job to do. I guess this one will be my last at this point. Now I want to finish off a painting & embroidery piece I have left for far too long.
Can you see I was inspired from working in the garden? The words is a Norwegian song telling us some words of wisdom. We learnt the song at school.

The first thing I told this girl was to consider a change of hairdresser. Her hair didn't at all come out as I had planned but, it is how it is.
I'm very pleased with the skin colouring this time. One should believe that if one can do it once, one can always do it. As you know that is not how it works. Even though it's the same process things changes all the time. It's part of the making that each piece turns it's own way. Do you experience that often? I guess you do, that's why we say that the pieces live their own lifes.

Today I'm going to cut back some hedges. They've grown far too much into our paths. It's very nice of you to think that our garden is beautiful but, it's more like normal. The reason we worked so hard now was that last summer we didn't do anything because of all the rain. Normal would be the right word to use.
Thanks for checking in and have a great day!


  1. HB and I trimmed our hedges today, too! We worked in the yard most of the morning and it looks much better now.

    I like this new painting and I think her hair is very clever.

  2. I need to get into my garden and trim and prune back from all the summer growth. You wouldn't believe how things grow in SA. I'm not much motivated at the moment as we are planning to sell our house as we have horrible neighbors that we can't live with anymore!

    I know exactly what you are saying about the same process but each time you attempt a painting it always seems to turn out differently - I wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with how we are at the time of each new painting - mmm need to think about this one a little more.