Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sandra is just 7 years old.

This winter I decided to show Sandra how to use a sewing machine. She impressed me by learning it very quick.

In beforehand I had made several different sheets of paper for her to sew on. Straight lines, lines connected by curves, lines with squared connections and a sheet with free forms. This is a very smart way to learn where to start and stop when to turn and the other things one have to know about. She was so consentrated, it was pure joy.

We had to pause every now and then so that her neck and shoulders could have a break. The very first thing we did was to buy her a suitable table and her very own sewing chair. I told her how important it is to have the right equipment, especially tabel (hight) and chair (right sitting position)
It took some time till she got used to the chair, and even now I have to remind her every now and then of how to sit properly.

I'll never forget the first weekend we did this. She was so eager to start and mornings she woke as early as the birds. I had told her that she was allowed to work on her own and she certainly did.
Her final result you can see in the last picture. She sewed it on her own, the only things I did was to cut it out and I did iron the edges. The heart on her pocket I made as well.

Isn't she a clever girl?


  1. Hi Eva, yes she is a very sweet girl and courious about learning new things too.
    Thanks for commenting, it warms my day. :-)