Monday, June 14, 2010

Sandras trip to a top called Brusaknuten.

Friday the 4th. of june we took Sandra to a mountain walk. The wether was warm and the sun was shining. We really should do this more often and we had promised Sandra to do this for a long time now. Sandra was so exited and she really klimbed like a mountain goat. She was the one that traced the route so she was always ahead of us. This route was marked with red marks on stones as you can see in the first picture.

This next picture shows the wiew from the top. It's amazing, in the aera we live we have a long coastline and a lot of beaches. Further in from the coast we have norways best agriculture land, and even further in we have these beautiful mountains.
As you can see in the picture we are quite high up, in fact we are 430 meters above the ocean. Far down below you can see the forest.

The last picture shows some beautiful animals we met on our trip. Sandra was very happy to do this and she picked a big bouquet of flowers to bring back home. We all had a lovely time and we have to do this again.


  1. Hi Eva, yes we had some cheerful moments on this trip.
    Thanks for commenting.