Friday, July 2, 2010

Sandra is making a simple outfit.

This late winter Sandra asked me if she could make herself an easy outfit,and we agreed on a skirt and a headscarf. I had a light blue fleece blanket she had fallen in love with so we decided on that.
As usual I cut the stuff out and showed her how to do the sewing. I sewed the zipper in the skirt, as I see it it's not wise to scare her off by letting her do very difficult things to start with.

When she was finished sewing we decided to decorate her outfit with some small buttons I had. On her skirt she chose a little dog and a dog bone. ( She has a dog like this at home)
The headscarf got a bunch of different pink buttons accordingly to Sandras wishes.
I think her outfit came out very sweet and she decided to wear it the rest of the day.

Later on she made her mother an apron too. Her mother was going to celebrate her own birthday and Sandra wanted to make her a nice present. In this very moment I know that Sandra has got orders for even three more aprons. She is ready for making her own money, isn't that something for a seven year old girl??

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