Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Michi and I in trouble again. no.18

I was so glad when Michi came this morning. I have a lot of questions for her.
- Hi Laila, she said - have you tried your necklace yet?
- Yes I have but it's dangerous.
- No it's not, she answered.
- Well I forgot not to speak so I scared a man. That could have been dangerous.
- Oh, she said - but I told you not to speak.
- Yes you did but I forgot, besides I didn't know that I was invisible.
- Didn't you?
- Laila did you have any fun?
- Yes I did, it's so fun not opening the doors. I jumped back and forth a lot of times. She smiled a big smile and said - see, I knew you would love it.
- But Michi it's scary to go visiting.
- Why? she asked.
- Well you said you knew when it's improper but I don't know that.
- Oh, I'll tell you then.
- If you're in a good mood and feel happy you probably will have a good time, and if you can feel anger something wrong is going on. Sadness means that the person you think of most likely has a bad time and if you feel scared something terrible is happening.
- When you get more experience it's easier to differ it more accurately. The most important thing though is to sense your own feelings. Oh, and I almost forgot if you feel embarrassed it's improper to go visit. And just remember don't talk what so ever!!
- But Michi, I feel scared all the time I said to her.
- That's ok, she answered - it will soon disappear.
- Well, perhaps you should come with me one more time I asked her.
- Yes, put your necklace on and we'll go visiting.
At the same moment she said that my phone called and I had to answer it.
- Hello, Laila speaking
- Hello Mrs. Jensen this is police officer Darkland calling.
- What can I do for you officer Darkland?
- Well,do you have that little girl there?
- Yes she is here.
- Have you read the local paper today Mrs. Jensen?
- No, I've not. Is there anything special?
- Yes he said, there was a case down at the grocery store yesterday and I believe that that little girl of yours have something to tell me. Could you please bring her down to the station so I could ask her some questions?
- Well, if you think it's nessesary.
- Yes please, he said.
- Well officer, we'll see you in a little while then.
- Thank you and goodbye, he hung up.
-Oh Michi what to do now? It wasn't you - it was me!!
- Laila don't worry it wasn't me so let's go.
- Michi I can't lie to him.
- I know it's terribly wrong to lie but if you have to, you have to. You must NOT tell him about the necklace. It would be a disaster if he knew about it, besides he won't ask if you did it he believe it was me she said.
- Michi can you believe it, it's in the paper today. We have to be very careful from now on I said to her.
- Yes we have, come on let's go down town.
Officer Darkland was waiting for us at the desk, and he didn't look very pleased.
- Well, there you are he said while leading the way into his office.
- What on earth were you doing at the grocery store yesterday?? he snarled at Michi.
- I haven't been there she answered.
- Oh yes you were he said.
- NO, I WAS NOT!!! Michi yelled at him.
- Constable take it easy I had to say to him - what's this all about?
- He grabbed the phone and did some talking and a few minutes later the shop manager came into the office.
- Well Mr. Reed there she is, officer Darkland said while pointing at Michi.
- That little girl? Mr. Reed said - no... no I don't think so.
- Oh yes, this is the one! the officer said.
- NO I WAS NOT THERE!! Michi was staring him right into his face while shouting.


- Michi calm down, I said and took her hand.
- No Mr. Darkland that's impossible Mr. Reed said she's far too small. The basket was this high up and the handle above that again so you can see for yourself that it's impossible.
- Well then, you watch out young lady I'll keep an eye on you, the officer said.

- Thank you Mr. Reed for solving this problem for us. I'm very greatful I said.
- You're welcome Mam, he turned to Michi and said to her - and you little girl come visit the store and I'll give you an icecream for this trouble.
She smiled that special smile of hers and said - thank you very much Mr. Reed I will. My name is Michi.
- Have a nice day Mr. Reed she said when we left the office.

On our way back home I asked her - Michi why are you being so upset every time you meet officer Darkland?
- Because he's so unfair. He knows nothing and he shouldn't be a police officer. He think he can do whatever he want to.......she became a bit giggly now, Laila it's you and me who can do that, not him she said.
When back home I had to start preparing our dinner so Michi was playing with teddy in the meanwhile.
When my husband came home from work we ate dinner all three of us. I had to clean the kitchen afterwords so I didn't know what Michi was doing. Suddenly she came running down from the attic in a hurry and said - Laila put your necklace on we are going on a visit.
I did what she told me and we sat down.
Michi said - Laila this is going to be scary so it's ok if you feel scared. Remember, don't talk and please hold my hand all the time.
Now think of Mr. Darkland she said and I felt scared and very uncomfortable.
The next moment we were at his place and he was really beating his wife. He seemed completely out of control and his wife was crying and begging him to stop.
I had to do something so I tried to get my voice to sound like mans voice when I said: Mister, will you stop that immediatley!!
I could feel Michi squeezing my hand. He turned around and I saw his anger disappear and fear came to his mind.
- What was that? he asked and now he started to shiver. He turned back to his wife and said , get out of here and don't come back tonight.
She left with their car and he pulled himself a drink. Michi and I left for home.
When home Michi said to me, - Laila that was smart but I almost started to laugh when you made that funny voice.
- I had to do something I said , do you think he recognised my voice?
- No I'm sure he didn't.
- Michi I don't feel comfortable with what we did, I'm not sure it was the right thing to do.
- But he was beating her, Michi said - at least we did something good for her.
- Yes, but I'll have to think this over.
- Ok and I'll have to leave now, it's late.
- Will I see you again soon then?
- Yes she said and smiled.
I couldn't stop thinking of Mr. Darkland. How much did I scare him and was he able to bear it?
Perhaps I should return to his place just to see how he's doing.
Yes I will. I put my necklace back on and sat down. When I started to think of him I could feel fear and I was scared, but I had to do this.
The next moment I was back at his place. He was scared, very scared but not drunk and that's a good thing.
I tried to change my voice again and said: Mister don't fear.
He grabbed a gun and pointed it all over the place.
- Where are you, he asked - come forward.
- Mister put your gun away, you don't need it.
- Where are you, he asked again.
- I'm all over the place I answered. He did actually put the gun away and then he asked me - Are you the Lord?
- Oh no, I said I'm just a helping hand you have nothing to fear from me, absolutely nothing remember that. I just want you to stop being violent to your wife, that's all.
- Go to sleep mister and relax, you've nothing to fear. I'll leave now.
When back home I put the necklace away and hoped that this had helped him.
The next morning I decided to go down town and buy him some flowers. I really hoped that he was back at work.
He was, and I gave him the flowers and told him that I appreciated his work and that I was sorry for all the trouble we had caused him. He was surprised and very glad and thanked me for the flowers.


  1. Blir bare kulere og kulere dette her heilt kjempe :-)

  2. Hi Svein how nice to see you here again, I,m glad you like it. Inspiers me to know that it's readable for others too. Thanks a lot!