Sunday, June 6, 2010

Michi at the police station no. 15.

- Michi you were brave at the police station, I said to her, I'm very proud of you.
- I was very scared, she said.
- Yes I could see that and I,m very glad you stayed with me all the time.
- When we're finished here I want to give you a special treat for being so brave today.
- Oh,what then, she asked?
- Well wait and see. I was thinking about buying her the big teddy bear as a gift. She hurried up and soon we were out in the streets again. We went towards the toy store and I asked her
- Michi would you like me to buy you the big teddy bear?
- Oh yes I love him, but Laila, can I wait outside while you are buying him?
- No Michi you have to come too,there's nothing to fear.
- Ok, she said and I could trace some unwillingness with her.
It was the shop owner himself that greeted us when we came inside.
- Hello, he said to Michi, what's your name?
- Michi, she said.
- Oh, that's a cute name for a cute girl he said while smiling. - my name is Tom Baker
- Oh, Michi looked at him and smiled back.
- What can I do for you ladies today?
- Well we want to buy the big brown teddy bear I said.
- very well Mam he said would you like me to wrap him up? he asked Michi.
- No, thank you I'll take him as he is, Michi answered.
- Alright then but then you'll have to get this book with teddy stories too. And that's for free he said to Michi.
- Thank you very much she said.
- You're very welcome but then you'll have to pay me a visit next time you're down town so I can hear how teddy is behaving, he told her.
- Yes I will she said with a big fat smile on her face. I paid him and we left the shop.
- Tom is a kind man Michi said.
- Yes indeed he is.
- Next time I'll go and say hello to him Michi said.
- Yes, that you should do, I agreed.
When back home Michi played with teddy and the book. She looked at all the pictures and told teddy a lot of stories.
When she was ready to leave for the dew she wouldn't bring teddy for some reason. She promised to be back soon.

She told him lots of stories.


  1. Katrine vil ha Michi på norsk og.

  2. Well she'll have to use the translator then.