Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Michi a joyful day and a bit more. no. 20

The next morning officer Darkland called me and asked me to meet him at his office. I promised to come and we agreed to meet at one o'clock.
When seated in his office he seemed a bit uncertain what to say to me.
- Mrs. Jensen, he said it was a terrible day yesterday. What a pity we didn't find that girl earlier.
- Yes it's so sad I said, and Michi was totally devastated when she left me. She was convinced that she could have saved that girl if she only was given the opportunity.
He looked down at his desk and was fiddling with some papers there.
- What was it you wanted to talk to me about officer, I asked him.
- Eh, eh that issue yesterday, your girl and everything he said.
- Are you going to contact any journalists in this matter, Mrs. Jensen?
- NO, no absolutely not officer , on the contrary I was hoping we had an agreement to keep things out of the public eye. As a matter of fact I did hope it could be just between the three of us.
- Very well Mam, that was just what I was thinking too.
- Oh, and this officer I almost forgot. I handed him the little jacket.
- Thank you Mam I'll bring it where it belongs.
- Well, that's all then Mam, have a nice day.
The policestation is located in the second floor in the same building as the grocery store, the yarn shop and some other shops so I went down to buy some yarn. When down the first one I met was Michi with an icecream in her hand.
- Hello Michi I said, where did you get that from?
She was all smiles.
- Mr. Reed gave it to me, she answered.
- Oh, did he now, did you thank him nice then?
- Yes Mam, she did Mr. Reed said coming towards me, Michi is a very polite little girl.
- That's good, I said but I can very well pay for the icecream Mr. Reed.
- Oh no, this one's on me he said and smiled. Have a nice day both of you, I'll have to work now.
- Thanks a lot Mr. Reed we both said. We went to the yarn shop and I bought what I needed and we left.
- Michi I have an errand in the bank, do you want to come with me? I asked her.
- Yes I will, she said.
Inside the bank I told her to sit down on a bench there and wait for me. It took a while before I was ready to leave and when I was I told Michi to come too.
She shushed me.?
- What's the matter Michi? I asked her.
- Hush, she repeated. She sat completely quiet and was staring out in the room.

She was just staring out in the room-

Suddenly she looked at me and said - Shall we go now?
- Yes Michi, what was that all about?
- Oh, it was nothing, she answered.
When we came back home I asked Michi if she had any wishes for the day and she answered:
- Yes I want us to do some fun stuff!
- What could that be then? I wondered.
- I would love flying with the birds today, she answered.
- it possible at all?? I asked her.
She had a good laugh and said:
- Come on Laila, you know it's possible.
- Put your necklace on and we'll have fun.
- Ok I said there's nothing here that have to be done today so lets do it.
- Laila just one thing, hold my hand all the time otherwise we can loos each other, and if we do just go back home and I'll do that too.
- You'll have to let me lead the way. Is that okay with you? she asked me.
- Yes it is, I said. I put my necklace on, sat down and held her hand. Suddenly I could see our house from a birds view. We were out in the air without a mission, just for fun.
Close to our property there is three very big spruces, growing so tight it seems there is only one treetop. Michi leads us to the treetop amongst a huge flight of starlings. I have always loved the birdsong but now it's just a terrible noise.
We are so close to them and they seem not to be aware of us.
As at a given signal all of them takes off at the same moment and we follow them. All the flight makes a wide turn and just before we're back in the treetop we make a very steep landing.
This is amazing, I feel like a bird and I'll never forget it.
Off we go again Michi and I. I can see the landscape far below us and now we are "landing" at a mountain top. Oh, I've been here several times, on foot that is.
- Laila, do you like it? Michi asks me.
- Michi can we talk?? She's laughing - yes we can, there is no one here to hear us.
Of course, I said, Michi this is the most fantastic thing I have ever done. And right in the middle of a flight of starlings. I felt like a bird.
- Laughing out loud now Michi says wasn't that fun Laila? That super quick take off and the similar landing.
- Well Michi I have to admit that I imagined a crash landing but you did well. And yes, it was awfully fun.
- Look Laila do you see that train way down there?
- Yes, it's quite nice to look at the whole landscape from up here. Michi I've been here several times together with my husband.
- Oh she said, Laila lets go sit on top of that train. We did and it felt weird. If anyone knew what I was doing right now they would believe I was crazy.
We left the train and Michi took us back home.
- Oh Michi what a wonderful experience, how lucky I am to have done this. Thank you, I couldn't have done it without you.
- Yes wasn't it fun?
- Yes indeed it was, and on top of that train I almost felt like a train robber. Just like in the old country and western films.
- Laila what is a robbery?
- Well to rob someone is to steal their things or money or both. And when someone does that it's called a robbery.
Oh like that time I took teddy?
- Yes and no. A robbery is more like if someone threatens you to give away your things or money.
- Did you understand that? I asked her.
- Yes I think so, to steal is to take something that doesn't belong to you when no one sees you. And a robbery is when the thief and the owner are both present and the owner get threatened to give away his things.
- Yes Michi something like that.
- Laila, someone are planning to rob your bank, Michi said.
- How can you say that Michi?
- I heard them plan it in the bank today.
- what are you telling me, who was it then?
- I didn't see them, I just heard their voices. That's why I couldn't leave when you told me to.
- Michi are you sure of this? It couldn't have been something you imagined?
- NO,I heard them. The last thing one of them said was "okay boys, last meeting in 2 days. Same time same place."
- Michi I think we ought to tell this to officer Darkland.
- Oh no, do we have to?
- Yes I think we have. I'll try to call him up at once.
- Officer Darkland, I heard him say.
- Good afternoon Mr. Darkland this is Mrs. Jensen calling.
- What can I do for you Mrs. Jensen?
- Officer Darkland, Michi has some information I think you ought to know. Do you have time to meet us at your office at once? It won't take long.
- Can't it wait untill tomorrow? it's past closing time here.
- No I really don't think so officer.
- Ok come on then, he said a bit irritated.
When there Michi told him what she had been telling me and ended to say:
- And they are going to have their last meeting in two days Mr. officer.
Officer Darkland looked at me and asked me - Do you trust this Mrs. Jensen??
- I've had no reason to doubt her earlier so I thought the best thing was to tell you about it. Now it's done and the rest is up to you officer.
- Well then, have a nice evening both of you he said and showed us the way out.
When we came out Michi asked me
- Laila what is he going to do?
- I don't know Michi, it's out of our hands now.
When back home we made ourselves a rhubarb pie which we ate before Michi had to leave.


  1. Glae eg ikkje he noge å ver redde for i banken :-)

  2. Well stranger, we don't know what is going to happen yet. Perhaps Michi is wrong this time??
    Thank you for commenting.