Sunday, June 20, 2010

A terrible mistake. no.19

The next days I had to think of all that had happen in my life the last year. Michi coming out of the dew and all she represent. I wonder why she chose me to come to. How could she know that I would catch sight of her in our conservatory that evening. We haven't been talking about that Michi and I.
She has told me that there are a lot of children in the dew, what about all of them? What do they do in the dew, or are they all living lives in our world? I have to ask Michi all these things one day.
I also think of Mr. Darkland, I'm glad he could bare my scary behaviour. I'm still not sure it was a wise thing to do, but it's too late to regret it now. At least I gave him some flowers and thanked him for doing a good job perhaps that eased things up a bit for him.
This morning Michi came very early and she seemed outworn. I gave her some breakfast and then she asked me if she could have a nap before doing anything else. Of course she could but I had to ask her if she didn't feel well.
- Yes she said, I'm just so tired.
- Don't you sleep well in the dew? I asked her.
- These are hard times but Laila can we talk later, now I just want to sleep?
- Of course we can I said just go sleep for a while. And she went to the attic to sleep in Sandras bed.
I continued the usual housekeeping stuff and was worrying about her. What could be the matter with her, and " hard times" what does that mean?
When I had finished my work I sat down to read some news on my computer. Our local paper have their own site there and that's one of my favourites.
Just half an hour ago they published an article about some parents that woke up and didn't find their 2 year old daughter in her bed. They couldn't find her any place so they had called the police to tell she was missing. Now our local paper encouraged people to have their eyes open and report anything that could help finding the girl. Poor parents that must be a horrible shock. I hope she turns up very soon.
I couldn't stop worrying about Michi so I had to go upstairs to see if she was alright. When I entered the room she opened her eyes and said
- Hi now I've slept can I have a glass of water, please?
- Yes you can but Michi I didn't mean to wake you up. I'm sorry if I did that.
- No you didn't. I want to come down now. After a glass of water we sat down in the livingroom and I asked her:
- Michi what does hard times mean to you?
- I hate summer, she said.
- How can you say that, summer is the very best time of year, I said.
No, it's not Laila you know in summertime there are much less dew, and that's a problem. We have to gather a lot of dew you know.
- No I don't know I said why do you have to do that?
- We live in and from the dew you know that. In summertime all the dew we can find comes in to being in very early mornings and late evenings. That way there's not much time for sleeping. And that's why I was so tired this morning.
- Can't you sleep during the day then? I asked her.
- The smallest ones does but the rest of us are needed in the handling of the dew. They are hard times summertimes.
- Oh Michi, is there anything I can do to help you?
- No there's not she said.
We didn't speak for a while and I was thinking of what she had told me. She looked a bit sad and my heart was aching for her.
- Michi I have a great idea, why don't you stay with me all summer? That way you could have all you need the whole time.
- I would love to but I can't, I have to help out in the dew. But every now and then I have a day off to come visit you. The Mistress allows me to, she's so glad you found me.
- Oh, I was thinking of asking you about that earlier this morning.
- Michi how could you know that I would see you in the dew that evening?
- I didn't know that, I had been there a lot of times without anyone seeing me. And even if you saw me I couldn't be sure that you would let me live, but I'm awfully glad you did.
- All of us in the dew are trying all the time but there are very few people that let us live like you do, besides there are not many places left that gather enough dew to show up in. If you only knew how many car windows we've used but people don't see us.
- Michi does that mean that more children will come to our conservatory?
- No, that's my place now since you let me live, all the others will stay away from that place. You know, they almost take part of my living when I'm back and telling of my experiences. That way they learn about life too. But of course most of all they would like to live their own lifes.
- I'm so sorry for that I said, if only people knew that you were there it would have been easier for you.
- Yes it would, and now that you're telling this story people get a chance to know about us. Perhaps someone will start looking for us. She smiled now.
- I'm very special in the dew since you let me live a full life, most of those who have come to live here just live imaginary lifes. She looked at me and said,
- Laila that day you drew me for the first time I could hardly believe it. I was so exited, but the Mistress told me to calm down because we couldn't know if you just drew an image of what you saw.
- And for several weeks it looked like it was just what you had done. I was so dissapointed, but then one day you drew me again and the rest is history.
- You gave me an opportunity to full life and I'm so greatful for that.
- Oh I didn't know it's so difficult, there can't be many of you in full life?
- No there's not. This happens once every 10th. year or so but now we have good faith in my life. Perhaps I can help another child to full life through your story.
- Yes lets hope so, I said, you know Michi when we say " to be at the right place in the right moment" that expression get a whole new meaning to me now.
- Oh, she said but Laila are we going to talk the whole day? can we do something now?
- Well, what do you want to do then?
- I would love to pay Tom Baker a visit and tell him about teddy.
- Ok I answered I'll have to to pay the grocery store a visit so that's ok with me. We'll take my car and then I'll let you off down town. When I'm finished I'll come pick you up. Does that sound ok?
- Yes it's fine with me, she answered.
When I let her off I asked her to say hello to Tom Baker from me and she promised to do that. I drew off to do my errands. The grocery store were full of people so I had to queue up to get my stuff paid. To wait in line always make me feel that the time stand still, I really hate it.
At last it was my turn, I paid, gathered my groceries and left for my car.
Time to go find Michi. I parked outside the toy store and went inside to say hello to Tom Baker. Michi came towards me in a hurry and said,
- Laila, a little girl is missing from her home.
- Yes I read about that this morning, isn't she found yet?
- No, still not found Tom Baker said.
- Poor parents it must be a nightmare to them, I said.
- Michi are you ready to go home?
- Yes she said, goodbye Tom see you!
- Goodbye Michi nice of you to visit me, he answered. In the car Michi said to me
- Laila we can help finding that little girl. Lets go to Mr. officer and tell him.
- How can we help? I asked
- If I could have something that belongs to the girl it would be easy to find her, but you'll have to come too because I couldn't tell where I found her.
- Please Laila, lets go tell him that we can help.
- Ok, lets try I said.
- At the police station there were a lot of people and a high level of activity. I asked for officer Darkland and he came to meet us.
- Mr. officer, Michi said I can help you find that little girl.
- Well now, so that you can do, he said. How can you believe you can find her when all of us can't?
- I only need something that belongs to her, Michi answered.
- I have not got time for this nonsens, he said and turned away from us.
- Mr. Darkland, I said you know where to find us if you need any help.
- Yes Mam he said and was gone.
We left for home and Michi was silent all the way. When home she was so frustrated she started to cry.

- Laila that little girl can die, why won't he let me help? He so unfair!!
- Michi you know that most people don't know that abilities like yours exist. They all think it's nonsens. It's scary to even think they could exist. That's why he won't let you help. He sees it as a waste of time.
- But she can die, Laila.
- That's why officer Darkland was in a hurry, I told her. He knows where to find us Michi, we'll just have to wait and see. Let us hope they find her very soon.
- Do you want me to read you a story?
- No I will go upstairs and talk to teddy she said and left.
I could see she was upset but there's nothing to do but wait and see.
I prepared our dinner and when my husband was home we ate. Michi was even more frustrated because she had been trying to search for the girl without any result.
- I can't find her without having something that belongs to her, she said.
- Well Michi we don't have anything of that kind here, I had to say.
- Laila can you please make a phonecall to Mr. officer and ask him again?
- Do you think I should?
- Yes!! please do.
Ok, I'll try.
It was officer Darkland himself that answered the phone.
- Good afternoon officer, this is Mrs. Jensen calling. Have you found the little girl yet?
- No he said.
- What harm could it do to let Michi have a try? I asked him.
- Well as a matter of fact I was just thinking of that, he said.
- Good Mr. Darkland remember Michi need something that belongs to the girl, and Mr. Darkland if you could ask one of your officers to bring it to our house.
- I'll call you back on this number as soon as Michi has found her.
When I hung up Michi asked me to put my necklace on.
- We have to leave at once she said, OH I hope I can find her.
The officer came and Michi got a little jacket. I thanked him and he left. Michi sat down and I could see her squeezing the jacket for a little while.
- Laila come on, hurry up, she said.- Hold my hand and think of a pile of stones.
I did what she told me and at the next moment I could see the girl. I could see her home too not far from us. Ok Michi, back home I thought and we were.
Michi started to cry again and said
- She's dead Laila she's dead.
- No Michi we can't tell that for sure, calm down. I have to call Mr. Darkland at once. I called him and he answered the phone.
- Mr. Darkland I said she's not far from home. There is a small forest behind their barn and a hill further behind. Go to the top of that hill and follow the pathway a couple of hundred yards then you'll get a big pile of stones on your left hand side. She's in that pile but it's difficult to catch sight of her. You 'll have to go round to the steep cliff side, she lies very near to the edge and the only things visible is her head and a bit of her arms. And Mr. Darkland, hurry up please.
- Thank you Mrs. Jensen I'll give my orders right away.
About an hour later Mr. Darkland called to tell they had found her and that Michi was right. The girl was dead.
It broke Michis heart when I told her she cried and said, oh no she's one of us now!
I could have saved her, I know I could. Why didn't he allow me to help??
I could have given whatever it took to comfort her but it was impossible. She was devastated when she left. It was hard to tell her goodbye this time.


  1. Hei for trist sitta å snufsa lige ikkje slikt :-)

  2. For good and for bad, for better and for worse.
    That's life. At least you share your opinions and that's a nice thing to do. Thanks.