Saturday, June 12, 2010

Michi and the necklace. no.16

The next time Michi came back I was busy making a new pair of trousers for myself. She was eager to try my sewing machine, but it's brand new and she is too small so I had to let her use the old one. She was a bit scared of the machine so we ended the work and went down to our livingroom. When down Michi said
- oh, I almost forgot this, here you are and she handed me a little box.
- What's this I asked her?
- It's the necklace, she answered.
- Oh let me see then I said and opened the box.
- Oh Michi how nice, I've never seen something like this. The necklace looked like a lot of raindrops glued together. I couldn't see anything that held them together. And they felt like very small balloons filled with water.
- Is it possible to use it? I asked her, won't it break very easily?
- No, this time I've made it strong enough Michi said.
- I can't wait to show it to my friends, I said it's so beautiful.
- Eh Laila, it's just for you Michi said and then she asked me - Laila will you read me a story from the teddy book?
- Yes go find it and I'll read to you.
After a sweet story Michi asked me whether I would like to try my necklace. I put it on and had to admire it in a mirror but I could see that the colour had changed.
- Michi I said the colour has changed, why did it do that?
- That's because of the light she answered it can have several different colours, but Laila you'll have to wear it near to your skin.
- Why, nobody will be able to see it then?
- It's not for the others, it's for you!
- Would you like to try it? she asked me again.
- ?? Well I have it on now don't you see?
- Yes, but would you like to try it?

It looked like raindrops.

- What do you mean?
- Put it under your sweather and take my hand, she said. I did what she told me and we went to the front door. All of a sudden Michi disappeared through the door holding my hand, and before I knew it I was outside too. The door had not been touched. I probably looked like I just had fallen down from the moon because Michi started to laugh and was not able to stop for a long time.
- Michi I said what happened?
- It's your necklace she said.
- Come Laila let's sit down at the garden bench.
- I had to ask her - Michi does this necklace make me able to disappear just like you?
- Yes, she was nodding her head and smiled her big fat smile as she answered.
- She must have seen my fear for she took my hand and said, - Laila there's nothing to fear don't be afraid.
- I'll show you one more thing she said, hold my hand and don't speak what so ever. Now you'll have to think of Mr.BIL ( she told me his exact name but here I'll use these letters.) and I'll think of him too. And remember don't speak.
- The next I know was that I was in Mr.BIL's livingroom. He was just watering his plants. And the next moment we were back on my garden bench.
- Michi I said this is impossible, how could you do that?
- I wanted you to have the same possibilities as I have so I made you this necklace.
- Michi, don't you see that it can be very improper to visit people this way?
- I know when it's improper and then I don't do it. And you'll be able to feel it too.
- Michi, I don't think I can accept this necklace. I can never use it like it was ment to.
- Oh Laila, you'll love it I know you will!!
- When you're not wearing it, you just store it in the box and take good care of it. It's just yours so don't tell anyone of it.
- Michi, how do you know Mr.BIL?
- He's a friend of you and Mr. J (my husband), she smiled.
- Yes he is, but how did you know that?
- I knew,she said.
- Laila, I was at his place yesterday when he was having a nap at his couch. He had turned his laptop off and I turned it back on. Now she started to giggle. - Michi you can harm people by doing such things, people can be really scared.
- I know but he was sleeping and I wanted to pull him a joke.
- Well now I'll have to go inside and lay down for a while this has been too much to me.
- OK, she said I'll leave then but I'll soon be back.


  1. :-) eg går ut i fra at du skrive nå, og eg og vil ha halskjede :-)

  2. Hello stranger, no not writing now but the next part is ready in my head. I,ll just have to write it down. Thanks for your comment I really appreciate it.

  3. Eg leve meg heilt inn i dette. :-) Kjekt.

  4. Oh how nice of you to say so AH. You make my day. Thanks a lot.