Sunday, June 13, 2010

My magic day without Michi. no.17

After my husband left for his job this morning I had to open the black box again. I took the necklace in my hands and felt its coolness. In fact it looks like a bunch of raindrops, the only difference is that they don't dissolve when touched.
Oh how much I want all of my friends to see and touch this but then again I can see it wouldn't be wise to talk about it. Someone could be tempted to "borrow" it.
What a pitty though, it's so uncommon.

Today it's almost black, it appears just like water in nature the colour changes in relation to the light.
I can't help start wondering if I could do it of my own. Could I really walk right through the door without opening it?
Should I have a go? YES,I'll try it!!
I put the necklace near to my skin and decides to try a door inside the house. That way there's nothing to fear what the neighbours are conserned.
Can I do it, will it work for me??
I have my doubts but here I go. And, banging right into the door.
OUCH!!! My goodness I could have broken my nose or my teeth. This isn't for grannies.
I have to sit down and think a bit. How is Michi doing this? Well, she just does it. Why didn't I ask her! She told me not to talk what so ever, and I didn't. But she always used to say " whatever I want to" perhaps that's it. I have to want to come out on the other side. One more try and that's it.
Looking at the door and wanting to be at the other side of it I...I...WOW I did it!!!
Now back in again...double WOW I really can do it!!!
I'm so exited I jumped several times back and forth through the door.
I had to sit down for a bit and thought, now perhaps I should pay someone a visit?
No, cool down and wait until Michi is back so I can ask her some advice. But I have to admit that this thrills me.
I try to relax while sitting and starts thinking that I have to go to the grocery store. Suddenly I'm there, how it happened I don't know but I'm here.
OK, then I can just as well get the job done so I pick me a basket and start picking the things I need.
People are staring at me and I try to smile but nobody smiles back. What's all this about? Well, I'll have to continue my job so I go further down the shop. People still staring and not smiling back to me.
The shop manager is coming towards me and not smiling as well. And he...he...he takes my basket and is ready to leave with it when I say: HEY...don't you see I,m using it?
He turns around and when I see his face I understand that something is awfully wrong. He's scared.
I'm invisible.
NO, no back home at once. Back home NOW!!!
Back home I breath like an elephant. Oh, what a disaster. Michis words are sounding in my head "don't talk what so ever". Sweet lord, I just did that. I could have scared him to death.
Put the necklace away. It's dangerous.
Well, the necklace itself isn't dangerous but I am wearing it.
Oh boy, this could have cost me a lot of trouble. The best thing to do is to take the car down town and see what's happening.



  2. I recon it went well. But did you notice the real necklace? Now I have some kind of power I think if I only can learn to use it the right way. :-)

  3. Spennende fortelling. Du klare det nok, uten å snakke. :-))

  4. AH. Lets hope so because I have a lot of plans.