Sunday, May 30, 2010

Michi at the police station. no.14

Michi came, as she had said, the next morning and we were preparing for our visit to the police station.
- Michi, will you please stay with me all the time while we are at the police station?
- Why?
- I don't want you to disappear, if officer Darkland frightens you just hold my hand. Don't disappear please.
- OK then she said.
- He is not allowed to harm you ,you know
- Mm, she answered a bit thoughtful. Quite obvious she didn't look forward to meet with officer Darkland.
- Don't be afraid Michi,it'll be alright.
Inside the police station we met a nice lady at the desk.
- Yes, can I help you?
- Yes please, we would like to talk to police officer Darkland.
- Just a moment and I'll check with him. She returned and asked us to sit down and wait since Mr. Darkland was a bit busy at the moment. So we sat down in some chairs there.
After some time that felt like a hundred years, he finally came to meet with us.
- Good morning Mam, Miss follow me please.
When seated in his office he excused himself and left us. A minute later he returned with two more officers and that surprised me so much that I didn't catch their names. I said a silent prayer that Michi would stay with me all the time while in here.
- Well Mam, I'm glad you brought this girl, what's her name?
- Ask her officer I said.
- What's your name girl, he more or less snapped at her.
- Michi, she answered while looking at the floor.
- Well Michi, can you show these men what you're able to do he asked her with a grin on his face.
- No, Michi answered still looking at the floor.
- Now Mr. Darkland what's this all about I asked him. I think Michi has something to tell you.
- Michi, tell him what you came to tell him I urged her.
She was nervous I could see but I saw her stubbornness too. She lifted her head and looked him right into his eyes and said
- I came to tell you I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you and to say that I will not do it again.
- And I'm telling you to show these men your abilities, he repeated.
- NOO! Michi stood up from her chair and I was afraid she was going to disappear so I took her hand and begged her to sit down again, and fortunately she did.
I turned to the officer and said to him
- Listen Mr. Darkland, this little girl came to offer you her apologies which she now has done. Can you accept them or not??
- Yes Mam I accept it, he said.
- Well then I have an errand too you know, I wonder how much I owe to the shop owner. Have you spoken to him?
- Eh, eh there's nothing to pay, It came to no cost for him, Mam.
- Mam, I need you to confirm the girls abilities, he said to me.
- Mr. Darkland I said there's no need for me to confirm anything. You have, as you told me the other afternoon, all filmed and taped. So officers, If you'll excuse us, we very much want to leave now. And then we left.
When outside I asked Michi whether she would like some ice cream and she would.
We sat down in a cafe and enjoyed our ice cream.

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