Saturday, May 1, 2010

An owl to start a new month.

This owl was quite a challenge. It could have been far better, but I learned some new things while painting it, and that's a good thing.
One more week and I've been bloging for a month. I don't think I've found my exact blog form yet, so I have to think a little more about that.
It's been fun though, and I've learnt a lot.
I have been painting a lot of birds lately and think perhaps it's time to try something else.

A lot of flowers are blooming in my garden just now,so perhaps they will be painted next. I'll see.
Some freeform crocheting is a possibility too. It seems I have a thinking job to do. Any suggestions from anyone out there?
I have a sewing job to do too, I 'm going to sew some onepices for some sweet girls in the family.
Well, right now I have to stop bloging and start some housekeeping dull stuff. Have a nice day.

1 comment:

  1. eg syns bare du skal følga tankane dine så dukke opp, så finne du nok ud av koss du vil ha dæ.