Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Michi in action, part two. no.11

- Now listen young lady you don't leave this place before I know what's going on, the officer said.
- Michi, where are the teddy? I asked because I couldn't see it.
- I've put it back in the window.
- YOU DID WHAT....the officer said, irritated to the edge now.
- Officer please, calm down I begged him.
- CALM DOWN, he said, how do I explain this, who will believe anything of this???
- Well officer, I'm awfully glad you said that. How do you think I felt like when I first came here?
- Nonsens, he said I'll have to take her to child care, she can't run around doing exactly what she want.
- Officer I can't deside for you, but the problem is that she don't know what it means to steal and she don't know what a policeman is either. I think the best thing is to let her come home with me and I'll talk to her about it. I'm sure it won't happen again.
- I'll leave you my adress and my number so you know where to find me. And if you please would speak to the shop owner about the costs of all this I'll come back tomorrow and pay for it all, and would you please keep my name out of this.
- Keep your name out of it?? That's impossible.
- Well, if you please don't go public about it, you see I don't want my property filled with journalists.
- Oh, I see but how do I do this, who will believe anything of it? he didn't ask me he was more like talking to himself.
- Well officer, I'm sure you will come up with something. Keep my name out of it and I'll support your story.
- Now Mam, watch your tounge we are both filmed and taped here so you don't have any other options than to support it.
- Yes of course officer, I answered.
- Laila, look what's this Michi asked me.
She stood there smiling with a gun in her hands. The officer lost himself completely. He yelled at her and appeared so frightingly that she probably was scared to death. Michi let go of the weapon and disappeared at once.
- Officer pull yourself together! I had to tell him. Now you have scared her so she won't be back. I think I'll leave now. You know where to find me.
- You have seen her abilities that's for sure.
At the same moment I was wishing him a nice evening we heard an alarm going, and another one and another one..... Oh no, dear Michi don't do this.

What is this?

On my way back home every shop I was passing had an alarm going. This isn't good but I could not help smiling. She would not tolerate unfairness.
Michi wasn't there when I came back home, so I told my husband the whole story and he agreed that this could mean a lot of trouble for us. We have to wait and see.
My husband and I took an early night and went to bed. I'm reading in a book and suddenly Michi is standing before me and begging to sleep in my bed this night.
- Yes, of course you can I said and make some space for her. I thought you had gone back to the dew. - No I want to be with you tonight she said. She was scared I could see. - So go to sleep now, you're safe here and we'll talk some more in the morning.
- Yes, she said.
After a little while she mumbled, Laila there is no film and no tape. And then she was sleeping.
The next morning my husband went to work and I was preparing breakfast for Michi and myself when she came down in a hurry.
- Laila, I have to leave now cause mister officer is coming, she said.
- How do you know that?
- I know it and I must leave.
- Oh Michi, I'm sorry will you be back soon?
She smiled and said - yes, very soon. And then I heard the doorbell...

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