Saturday, May 1, 2010

Michi - the girl I do not know. no.8

Today Michi came back. She wanted to play outside, the wether was warm and the sun was shining. I was finishing some work when she came back in and asked me to come out too.
- Yes, I said, - when I'm finished with this I will come out too.
My work lasted a little longer than expected and suddenly Michi stood in front of me again. Nothing wrong with that, except, where did she come from?
I did not hear any doors opening. What was this?
- Michi, I asked, how did you come in?
- I came from outdoors, she answered.
- Yes,I know that, but how did you get in, I couldn't hear any doors?
- I came in from the back, she said.
- Well, as far as I know the back door is always locked up. Isn't it?
- I don't know, she said.
- But HOW could you get in through a locked door? Let us go and have a look.
The door was really locked up, and I had to ask her once more, - where exactly did you come from?
- From outside.
- Michi, will you please show me where you came in? And then she did something that got me paralysed, I just couldn't believe what was happening right in front of me.
She just disappeared right through the wall, and I could see her outside. I had to sit down,this isn't happening I thought and the next moment she stood in front of me again.
- Did you see it now? she asked just like nothing had happend.
- Michi, don't do this I said, it's completely impossible!!!
I was scared to death, confused and I could feel the anger on its way. Then she did something else that surprised me. She started to giggle and said, - Laila don't worry I'm from the dew you know.

She started to giggle.

- ??The dew, what has the dew to do with this?
- The old saying, ...can do whatever I want to....she said.
- Michi, this is too much to me I do not understand it. Will you, please, never do it again!!?
- Okay, I'll use the front door then, she said.
- Michi I need something to drink, will you find me a glass of water please?
- Yes I will.
I had to pull myself togheter while she was gone. Without thinking she accepts my demands so I'll have to try to accept her too.
When I was finished drinking, she was eager to get out again and we got out. I was still shivering but we didn't talk more about it.
We walked around in the garden and looked at the blooming flowers. She asked me their name and I was telling, over and over again so that she hopefully will remember it.
After a long while we sat down on the garden bench, and I had to ask her.
- Michi, the other afternoon when you were playing with Misty, you kept running to the wall and banging into it, why didn't you "go" through then?
- Cause I didn't want to, she said.
- Is it your will it depends on?
- What ever I WANT to....remember?
- Okay, I was just wondering I said and didn't want to discuss this any further.I had to think this over and did certainly not want to hear how far she is able to take this.
- Well Michi, I want to go inside now do you want to come too?
- No, I want to play with Misty some more, she answered.

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