Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sandra has picnic in the garden.

This is Sandra playing in our garden. Sandra is the daughter of my husbands niece. Sandra lost her father a year and a half ago in an accident. She has three siblings and to help her mother we are four families who take care of one child each every third weekend. This helps their mother going on, and the children get other adults to connect to. And I have to say that the children are very likeable.

Sandra is the youngest one and the only girl so she has quite a position. But I don't feel she's spoiled in any way though.
My husband and I have a son (aged 25 this summer) so a girl in the house every now and then makes me thrilled.
On top of all Sandra like doing all the things I liked myself when I was a little girl. Lucky me am now "allowed" to do it all again.

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