Friday, May 28, 2010

Michi reveals some secrets. no.13

After breakfast Michi left for the dew. She would soon be back she said, and I had a lot to do the coming days. So one afternoon she was back.
- Laila, this is for you she said and gave me something that could remind me of a package.
- What is this I said, and I could see she was eager to unwrap it. Will you please unwrap for me, cause I don't have my glasses here? I asked her. And she would.
Suddenly she start crying - oh no it's ruined it was not strong enough, she said while crying.
- Michi let me see, perhaps I can fix it?
- No you can't she said and she was very upset.
- Let me have a look, and she gave it to me and I couldn't see anything.
- There is nothing here I said to her I can't see anything.
- No it's ruined, I did not make it strong enough.
- What was it then,I wondered?
- It was a special necklace I made for you while I was in the dew and i worked really hard to do it.
- Michi don't be upset it's good enough for me to know that you wanted me to have it. That was very kind of you.
- No, I'll make you a new one that is strong enough.
- Alright then, will you do it now at once?
Then she smiled and said - no i have to do it in the dew.
- Laila, I asked the Mistress about my parents and she don't know about them either.
- Who is the Mistress, Michi?
- ?? The Mistress is, is, I ask her about things and she decides everything.
- Oh I see so she is some kind of leader in the dew?
- Yes she is.
- Laila, I died when I was little.
- Michi you're not dead you're so full of life.
- Yes but all of us who live in the dew died when we were small children.
- Michi I don't understand this, if you're dead you're dead and then you can't be here alive.
- Since we were unable to experience the world while alive, we were given a second chance in the dew. That's the way it is, she said.
- Michi, what you tell me now confuses me but since you say so you're probably right. I'll have to think it over to understand it.
- OK.
- Laila, will you read something for me?
- Yes go pick a book and I'll read.
We were reading quite a while and Michi seemed to be tired so I asked her if she wanted to sleep the night here, but she would leave for the dew.
- But I'm coming back tomorrow, shall we go to Mr.officer then?
- Yes that we can do I said, we might as well get it over with.

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