Monday, May 24, 2010

Michi in action no.10

One quiet and warm evening Michi turned up again. She asked me to come for a walk.
As a matter of fact I had just mentioned for my husband that I would go for a walk so that suited me fine.
We went down town and I thought it could be a nice opportunity to show her the different shops there, we could kinda window shoping. The shops were all closed because it was past closing time so we were quite lonely in the streets.
I stopped at the handbag shop to look at their new collection. Michi stopped too and gave her comments on a few handbags before she crossed the street to have a look at the toy store. I told her to wait for me there.
The next moment I heard this alarm and when I turned around Michi stood there with a big teddybear in her arms.
- Michi I said where did you get that from?
- From the window, she said.
- Did you go right through the window ??
- Yes , she smiled, the bear would like me to take him back home.
Oh no, now I've got an explanation problem at my hands.
- Michi I said we have to go to the police and tell them what you have done.
- What is the police??

- Come on quick now, I didn't want to be there when the security people turned up.
To my luck we were not far away from the policestation.
Well inside I didn't know what to say.
- Can I help you, mam ?? someone said to me.
- Well, yes eh no eh eh .....
- Don't you feel well, he asked me?
How on earth do you tell a policeman that this little girl has magical power and where to say she live, in the dew??? Psychiatrist next, thats for sure. Oh boy...
- Do you have a place where we can sit down in private?
- Yes follow me please?
When seated I said to him - the story I am going to tell you now happend less than ten minutes ago so will you please take a phone call to the owner of the toy store and tell him that there is nothing broken and nothing to worry about.
- The burglar alarm is going in the shop and it was this little girl who started it.
- Just a moment, I'll call him at once, he said and left us.
- Michi I said, this isn't going to be easy. What you have done is not allowed. In fact you have been stealing and that is a very bad thing to do.
- What is stealing, she asked???
The police officer came back and told us that he had spoken to the owner so that's at least one problem less to think about.
- Well he said what exactly did you do? Looking at me and not the same friendly voice as earlier.
- Ehh.... I didn,t do anything and I did not actually see what she was doing either, but I know what she did.
- Well, tell me everything from the start, he said.
- Michi I said tell the officer what you did!
- The teddybear wanted me to take him back home, she said.
- Is this your daughter, he asked me? and what is her full name?
- Officer, this is a really complicated story, I think it's better to let her tell you all about it before you start writing.
- Well then young girl, can you tell me all about it?
- No, Michi said.
- Michi, you have to tell him otherwise we won't be able to leave this place.
She smiled one of these big fat smiles and probably she was thinking it's just to leave.
- Officer, this is hard for me to believe and even more difficult for you I suppose but this girl has magical power. There is no broken windows and no broken doors at the toy store. She simply slide right through the window.
- ??!!! Oh so that's what she did... he said and looked like he was going to loose his temper.
- Michi please SHOW him what you did, I desperately begged her.
- NO !!! she could sense his anger and that did not exactly help me now.
- Laila, can we go now she asked me?
- NO, you can not!! the officer answered her.
- I won't be here any longer she said cause you are angry.
And then she just disappeared. He looked at me like I was the one to blame for this.
- Well officer, that's what I'm talking about, that's the way she did it.
- It is impossible, he said, - yes as far as we know it is, I replied but never the less that's what she's doing.
- And, she's not my daughter I have no control over her.
- Where are her parents then, he asked me, and why is she with you?
- That's even more difficult to answer I said but I had no options but the truth.
So I told him about the dew and everything, and the more I told him the funnier he looked like. Perhaps he was trying to figure out how to get me in an ambulance.
- Laila, are you coming now? Michi was back again.

To be continued....

Do anyone of you who read this have an idea how to come out of this???
I'll be greatful for any suggestions.

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