Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today have been a rather busy day. After the usual morning doings in the house, I had to write and edit the next post about Michi. That post will be published tomorrow. And, there is this huge laundry job to be done so I won't be short for work.
Coming weekend Sandra is coming to stay by us again, so I won't have much time for bloging. Sandras room needs a hand too, she loves it when it's neat and klean.
I have to figure out Michis next doings too, so tomorrow morning will also be a busy morning. I've just been to the grocery store and while down town I bought myself a brand new palette of watercolours.
I am so inspired by Geninne's art blog that I'll have to try it myself.
Most of all that's what I want to do just now, but in a short while I have to start preparations for our dinner so I'll have to wait untill after that.
Today I've tried to figure out how to add a 'contact me' gadget to my blog, but I'll have to ask my darling husband he is more in to this stuff.
I WAS able to do the linking job though, so I'm quite proud of myself.

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