Monday, April 19, 2010

Michi - the stubborn japanese girl. no.4

This morning we got a little problem again. I heard sounds from the attic and it was Michi who was getting out of bed. I went to meet with her and there she came, undressed, in just her underwear.
- But sweetie, I said - you have to dress up.
- No, she answered.
- No, why not?
- Cause I don't have any clothes, Michi said.
- Don't have any clothes, now you're a twaddler, - every time I've been seeing you you've had different clothes. - Please, dress up now, take the nice lilac skirt and blouse and the pink jumper and be a good girl. - You can't fool around half naked.
- NOO! (ooops shouting.)I want a pair of overalls and a jumper with - - with turned up sleeves,she said.
- Well, you don't have those items within your wardrobe, I said - how about that?
She looked at me, like I was an alien, for a short while, and I could see a smile coming to her face.
- Thats easy, Laila, she said - you can draw me some new ones.
- Oh no, I don't have time for this now. - I have an appointment down town in a while. - I'll be back for lunch, we'll see then.
- Okay, she said, turned and went back to the bedroom. I could hear her kinda humming: - and I will fool aro...ound in my underwe...ear.....
Now I have to pull myself together, she's only a cartoon figure. Laila,don't get upset. Yeah, of course and thats a relief.
Down town I had some errands to run, the grocery store and my appointment. This clothing issue was spinning around in my head the whole morning, and when headed back home, I had it all figured out.
Just a little housekeeping first and then my sketchbook.
The front door unlocked and the groceries safe inside I heard someone shouting...

..and there she came, in just her underwear.

Hel...loooo, is it you Laila, the sound came from the kitchen. I opend the door, no, NOO this is impossible, how could this happen? I don't believe it... my goodness.


  1. Heilt supert Ke du har fantasi :-)

  2. Thank you, both of you for your comments. It's quite inspiering to know that other people than myself are reading what i'm writing.

  3. Your story about Michi has to continue. I really like it, and the pictures too. Keep on going.

  4. AH thank you so much. At least I have one more story ready for shareing. Havent desided the exact day yet but soon.