Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Michi - the girl from the dew. no.5

My kitchen was all messed up. Michi in the middle of it, and she was all messed up too, with strawberry jam all over. And she had this big fat smile on her face.
- Look, she said - I've made us lunch.
I lost myself for a moment, and yelled at her.
- You're not supposed to make anything!! - You're a cartoon figure and you're supposed to be in my sketchbook!! - Oh no, how could you do this to me!!?
I could see her smile dissapear and her lips start shivering. I had hurt her feelings.
Oh Michi I said, kneeling down, - I'm so sorry it wasn't ment to hurt you, but I'm so scared of all this.
- You, living like a normal human beeing and besides, you could have hurt yourself with all these knives.
I gave her a big hug. After a short while she twisted herself free, and started to giggle.
- I'm from the dew, you know, she said.
- Yes, you came from the dew, I said looking around in my messy kitchen.
- Don't you know, Michi asked
- Know what?
- The old saying.
- What old saying, what are you talking about? I was not paying her any attention I was thinking of the cleaning job ahead.
- About coming from the dew, she said.
- What is all this talk about the dew?
- About COMING from the dew, she corrected me. - Don't you know the old saying?
- What ARE you talking about? - I don't know anything about an old saying and dew. Can you tell me?
- Yes, she said: "All of those who CAME from the dew, can do WHATEVER THEY WANT to do"
- Well, Michi I've never heard it before and let me ask you, exactly where do you come from?
- ? ? ? - From the DEW, she said a bit irritated now.
- Okay I said, I had no intention getting into a quarrel again, so I accepted that for now.

- I've made us lunch, she said.

- Are we going to eat now? Michi asked.
- Yes of course we are, but what did you do to the bread and the slices, I asked her because they didn't look quite normal.
- I've had chocolate on them, she said, cause I love chocolate!
- Alright then, lets eat.
To describe this meal, I'll just say that this is my most uncommon lunch ever. And luckily, I didn't have to eat any raw eggs.
When finished eating we had to get the kitchen cleaned up. Michi had to clean up herself too and surprisingly she showed up in some clothes from her existing wardrobe.
The rest of the day she spent out of my sight, and that was a relief for both of us I think.


  1. I like it. Where does she really come from? And why can she do anything she wants?

  2. Well, AH good questiones. I have the advantage to talk to her, but when she won't tell me I can't answer at the moment.
    Thanks for the comment I really appreciate it. :-)