Friday, April 23, 2010

Michi,does your cat have a name yet? no. 6

The next days I did neither hear nor see her. Perhaps now she will act like a normal cartoon figure. I am wondering about all this dew stuff. All the time, she has appeared as a japanese girl to me but she won't speak of it. She just came from the dew, that's her statement so far. I hope some day she will tell me more about this.
And all this talk of an old saying, an old saying from where?
I have no idea how to research this and it might as well be a joke.
In any case, she loved the new clothes I drew for her before she left me.

She loved her new clothes.

A few days later she was back as if she never had been gone. She helped me to tidy up a bit, and she's quite a clever girl, I have to say.
I wonder how old she might be? Somewhere between 3 and 4 years old I guess.
- Michi, I asked, how old are you?
- Old, what does that mean? she asked me in return.
- Well, how many years since you were born, I said realising that this wouldn't bring us any closer to the answer.
- A hundred? she said and looked like she hoped that this was the answer I was waiting for.
- No, I said - I think more like 3 or 4 years.
- Okay, she said, starting to play with her cat.
- Michi, does your cat have a name ? (Uhaa, this could lead me into trouble.)
- Yes, don't you know? she said , her name is Misty.
- Oh, that's a cute name for a cat, I said relieved that this was already solved.
- Mm...she said
She seemed to be too occupied with the cat to further discussion, so I left them.
I could hear Michi running across the room, banging into the wall, turn and run to the oposite wall. Probably Misty was running too. In any case they had fun, cause I could hear Michi was laughing.
When I returned later on they were both fallen asleep. Michi right on the floor with Misty close to her.

They were both out worn.

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