Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Testing my new watercolours.

During the last days I've been testing my new watercolours. I can see that one needs a lot of practicing to become a worthy painter.
One have to know a lot about colours to achieve the right nuance when mixing the colours. (I only know a little of this.)
Not only do one mix two or several colours to gain a new one, but this new one can also be adjusted with more or less water. I guess this is a whole study for those who are really skilled.
For my own part I can say that I really enjoy doing this, and thats all. I'll show you some of my doings here. This first one is a Peregrine falcon. I drew it from a picture in one of my books about birds. It's not correct, but I'm quite satisfied after all.

The next one is a thrush, and I was not quite sure whether to show it off. I 've been talking about Geninne's art blog and I have been looking quite a lot into it so someone might think that I've been stealing her idea. But I have not. When studying in my book of birds, using a magnifying glass, this is the way it looks. The next thrush I paint I will do a little different though. The belly dots are Geninnes and I want my own twist on that. This one is also drawn from an image in my book. What you can't see in my picture, is a worm the thrush is going to eat.
My colours are, oh so far away from my wishes, but I will get to learn it.


  1. Well thank you AH. I did not know about all this myself,so it's new to me too.