Thursday, April 29, 2010

Some more cuties.

I have really fallen in love with my watercolours. They are easy to use,but of course the colour mixing is not easy. (as you can see.)
This first image is a lovely sunbird which makes me smile every time I see it. Unfortunatly it don't exist in my environments, so images of it is the closest I can get. Now when I have painted it, perhaps it could hang on my wall so that I could meet it every morning when out of bed.

The next one is a nice bird too. I'm quite satisfied with my result here even if it's not all correct. My bird turned out a little too "fat", compared to the image I used to draw it from. But, it's just me who can see that. This one don't live in my surroundings either.

This last one is pure fantasy. When studying it for a while, I could see a bird on his way home from the market.(you can see that can't you?) His expression looks like he has sold butter but didn't get any money. Can you see? Like he's saying: Oh no, not again...

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