Monday, April 12, 2010

My little japanese girl. no.1

This little japanese girl came to me one evening I was sitting in our conservatory. The weather was cold so we had a heater going on in there,and the windows started gathering dew....suddenly I became aware of the silhouette of her in the dew and I knew I had to draw her.

Since then we have spent some time together, but I have not get to know her properly yet. She will not tell me her name, so I have to be patient. She is an inventive girl, I can tell, because she has told me so many stories. Hopefully we can become the best of friends. As you can see in my drawings, she owns a teddy,a cat and I believe she has a thing going on with handbags.

This last image shows her as I saw her (her face) that evening. Can you tell she is stubborn and very proud? She accepts a high standing ponytail and high standing pigtails. If I try to give her pigtails near to her neck, she won't cooperate. I enjoy spending time with her and can hardly wait for her to tell me her name.

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