Saturday, April 17, 2010

Michi, my little japanese girl. no.3

Michi has really calmed down a bit now that the name issue is solved. She played with her cat, (oh my...she, the cat, hasn't got a name yet as far as I know) and her teddy the rest of the day.
In the attic we have a spare bedroom, in fact it is Sandras bedroom. (I'll tell you more about Sandra in another occation.)
Michi found out about Sandras bedroom a little earlier this afternoon, and has now decided to sleep in Sandras bed tonight.
That's alright with me, I just hope it's alright with Sandra too.

She desided on sleeping in Sandras bed.

Of course - teddy had to come too, she wouldn't sleep all alone in a strange bed in a new home. That's understandable don't you think?
Michi was so exited about this. At seven o'clock p.m. she was ready to go to bed.
So, after a little bedtime story she had no problems falling asleep. And that's what she's doing right now.

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