Sunday, December 2, 2012

Busy with all sorts of things.

This weekend Sandra is here and she will be next or the next after that too.

I've had my first sale in the new shop and that made my heart beat a little extra. I've sold a bikeseat cover, and many of you might think that I used the pattern from my earlier made cover. Well I didn't, I made a brand new pattern that fits the seat much better. Besides, if I did make a similar to the first one it would be called stealing. I can't hide though that I'm totally inspired from the first one, but I made it my own way.

This weekend I've made some hats. Sandras mum asked me to make one for her, I did and got totally inspired.  I  made the first one out of my head and experience, the second one I made in purpose to have a written pattern. After writing this post I'll start a third one, a white one. The orange one is for Sandras mum, I'm not sure she will like the band and the flower but I made them both removable. She specifickly asked for an orange one which I liked. That gave an oportunety to use the rest of the orange yarn.

As you see from the photo it has been snowing this weekend, and Sandra and I even have been rehursing all the Christmas songs. So, now we are prepared ! I almost feel like saying : Let the game begin!

I hope you've had a good weekend too.


  1. LOVE the hat! Orange looks so pretty against the white snow. Sandra's mum will look beautiful wearing it.

    A few years back I was on a hat kick...I must have made 30 or 40 hats. I still have most of them in the attic. My daughter got several and I sold a few.