Friday, December 28, 2012

At least some journaling.


 It's been too long since I made anything but food!

In between the Holidays, all the meals, the expectations, gatherings, presents and reading the presents I found some time to make a mandala. The first question I ask myself is: why don't I do this more often? It's so relaxing and it gets my creative juices flow.
I had a background page, nothing great, and decided to use it for my mandala. I made the circle and painted over with white gesso. After some time I made the design and below is what it looked like when I started.

Just when I started to write this post I discovered some new ideas that I'll have to try. Probably more mandalas coming. I found my colouring pens and did the color job. Alot of my pens were dry so I'll have to buy some new ones this week. I discovered that my pens can be used together with a waterbrush too and that increases the use of them alot. Finished coloring it looks like this.

Now the real fun begins. Black micron pen 005 is what I used. I spent hours with that pen alone, and that's the best part. My thoughts flew and I was in a completely different world. No expectations, no meal makings, no dishwashing, no nothing. Just me and my pen. I returned to my family refreshened, and with alot of new ideas. Isn't it strange how a few hours and a pen can make such a differens?

Below is the result, not my best mandala but the first one for ages. And the important thing, it made me think new thoughts. What if I try...........

I do look forward to try my new ideas. I think they will lead to new and different mandalas.

I've had a good Christmastime and I hope you you've had too. Now I'm looking forward to a brand new year and what creative stunts that might bring.


  1. I love those mandalas, I have never tried one, but after seeing yours, I feel a creative push

  2. Your mandala is really beautiful, Laila. That makes me want to also paint one once again.