Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Amazing date, don't you think?

Excactly a hundred years till next time someone can use the same numbers to write the date. And 88 years untill the numbers are the same again. 01.01.01. Are you focused on numbers? Are you one of the people that counts everything? Stairsteps? Sidewalk stones? Houses in a row? Kettels in a field? Birds in a tree?

I'm a counter but I don't count everything listed above. My whole life I've been counting, just for the counting itself. Afterwards I don't remember the excact number. I've often wondered about this habit, where do it come from and why is it so? I'm not a person that HAVE TO DO IT, it's more like when I remember to count. That probably means that my counting is soon over, I mean, if remembering is important.

Today it's snowing, these large wet snowflakes you know. When I look out it looks like a Christmascard.

The children will love all the snow. I bet we'll see several snowmen later this evening. Handyman and I are taking Sandra to a photocourse this evening. She has chosen photography as her theme in 4-H next season and we thought it could be nice for her to learn using the camera.

I'm baking and am very pleased to stay indoors today. I never liked the snow. They announce on the radio that there are trafficjam all over today.
Right now I got a phonecall that cancelled the course, the leader was sick. Handyman will be glad to know, he has alot of snow to showel after dinner.

Take care!


  1. I count things, too. And I add up the numbers on license plates when I'm sitting in traffic.

    The snow looks beautiful but like you, I don't want to deal with it. If I get a yearning for snow I can drive to the mountains and find it. Today it's chilly and windy here and we're doing our grocery shopping later on.

  2. it snowing here today and hubby shovelled.