Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh my.......

Yes, we live in an arctic like country but still, we are not used to this.

Up north they do have alot of snow and winter, but in our parts of the country this situation is rare. Remember the photos from yesterday?

Today is different, now it looks like this.

We've had one meter of snow the last 24 hours. Alot of schools are closed and people are told to stay home from work. That is very rare here. Handyman drove to work early this morning and I wonder if he'll have to spend the night there. The forecast promis strong winds today and that will bring caos.

I'm so happy to stay home, to drive a car in this kind of weather isn't my strenght. Never was!

This was yesterday.

Today it looks like this.

Good to be online, gives us an opportunety to "travel" inspite of the weather. Sandra made it to school today but had to return home. School closed. We didn't see alot of snowmen yesterday, the children stayed indoors.
I just hope that the usual rain won't appear. Think of what slush that would bring. Well, I still have some baking to do, so I better get started.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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  1. Staying inside to bake seems to be the right thing for a day like this. Snow is so beautiful when it first falls and is untouched. Just enjoy looking out your window and stay nice and warm inside.