Saturday, December 29, 2012



Yesterday I bought some (alot of ) new colorpens,

 and of course I had to try them. I was so facinated by using a waterbrush to wash them out so that's what I did. I made a fairly small drawing to color and had lots of fun. Here is the sketch overdrawn with micron pen.

I used alot of different colors, but still just half of what I bought. First thing first, ehhhh they're not that good together with water. Perhaps some practice will help. Inspite of that I still love these pens. I've used them for nearly two years, it was just that I discovered the water thing a couple of days ago. The background in my painting is done with WS crayons. I love the result and started thinking of doing a sketch a week, make something from my daily life. By the end of the year I would have 52 sketches telling my doings. But, I have turned so wise now that I don't settle for long term doings. I know better than that. Good idea though.

Right now I'm making another mandala, a large one this time. It's so funny that I, impatient me, love to do these tiny little lines. But I really do and it's calming, probably just what I need. You should try it, no rules free to do whatever you want to. I've also learnt that the penwork in the end hides any mistakes or color out of its way. This mandala is made as my wishes for coming year, and I'll share it with you tomorrow as my final post of 2012.
Untill then.

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