Monday, December 10, 2012

The beautiful blue light.

Have I ever told you of the blue light we have around where I live?

It's been said that people do recognice it while driving from east to the south west part of our country. Today I did capture it with my camera. Wasn't planned, just an accident. I was going to photograph my doorwreths, and I didn't use a flashlight taking the first photo. Below you see the one using a flashlight and an irritating wire. It was the wreths I wanted to show you, just to tell that my washing is over and the decorating period has started.

Below you can see the blue light. One could almost believe I shot this photo before the daylight had appeared, but I didn't. It's in the middle of the day and that room is completely white. No other colour that could influence the light.

I did plan to start baking today but had to do other stuff, so tomorrow is the day. I'll make 3 sorts for sure, and maybe a fourth one. Two sorts will be bought, the bought ones are better than I can ever make them......good for me.
With that done I still have 14 days to enjoy. Couldn't be better. Right now I'm knitting a babyblanket. Soft and beautiful.  I'll show it when it's done. Plain white it is.

I hope you don't feel to stressed, it's such a blessing to just enjoy.


  1. love your wreaths, today i made 2 minute fudge , never made it before have to see how it turns out

  2. Your wreaths look so pretty with the blue light. I made a batch of cookies last night...just getting myself in the mood.