Sunday, April 22, 2012

A painting and a tablecloth.

Are you all enjoying your Sunday?

I have kept painting faces, and one should think I improved in doing it but, each face is a new one with different ways of doing it. For me it's impossible to decide to make, lets say, a sad face and then do it. I have seen some you-tube films doing it and I'm so impressed. What I do notice though is that practising every day make my drawing moves more confident. One week away from it and it feels like starting all over.

The last face I did was a copy from a small image I saw in a magazine. I wanted to try making the clear differens between light and shadow. I should perhaps have done it on ordinary paper but then again it's quite interesting  with that uneven result. I did some small changes on my drawing compared to the original.  It was fun to see how the light changed the painting as I worked on it. Just to avoid any misunderstanding I chose to glue my inspiration image at the back of my painting. As you see I added some more colour .

Below is the original. It's quite small but big enough to see what I needed to see.

My version. It's painted with watersoluble crayons and a black pen. I'm sure I will experiment a lot more with light and shadow. It's very facinating.

Yesterday I got a phonecall from my friend telling me that the tablecloth had arrived in her mailbox. I didn't want to show it off here before she saw it in person.(She reads my blog from time to time.) She was so pleased and it fitted her table perfect. The most difficult task when making it is to join the fabric and the crocheted parts. It's very easy to get that wrong so that the fabric will always wrinkle in the joints. As promised, here is a photo of the piece. Can you see the beautiful shine in the fabric? As I was working on it I thought of doing one with much smaller squares. That could give a very different result I believe. I have this fabric with Lily of the vally design on it (all white) and that would be suitable for smaller squares. Perhaps I should think a bit more of that.

We have a beautiful day here, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. I love Sundays!!
Best wishes to you all.


  1. What a wonderful creative week you've had! You can put your hands to anything and bring beautiful!

  2. LOVE the face!! And the tablecloth is beautiful. You have so many talents.