Sunday, April 1, 2012

Art journal page.

Another mandala.

This page was a thrill to make. The mandala is one thing but the surroundings was a long time meditating. Isn't that nice to just disappear into whatever one are doing and stay there for a long/longer time?

 Yesterday handyman and I finally had a good wash in our conservatory so now it's ready for use. Now that it's so clean and tidy I got inspired to make some decoration touches in there, but handyman claimed : " it's not a dollhouse" Well, he's right I have to think over again. But I'll come up with something that we both can agree on.
Handyman has started his Easter holiday and that's good. I think he has been far too busy the last 6 months. As usual we stay at home and enjoy some lazy days. The spring is here and several flowers are blooming in the garden. Always such a joy when that happens. This season I hope we can find the time to do some changes in our garden. There are far too much insight so I want to plant some bushes to "hide" behind. We have quite a big garden and it takes alot of work to keep it. Perhaps we should think about doing it simpler soon.

The mandala was painted using the twinks and the rest is done using markers. I tried to paint a face the other day but it landed in "the round archive." I havn't done that for a long time now and therefor I don't have it in my hands. Have to practice a bit I think.
I know an artist (70 yo +) who is a master of calligraphy and she has told me that her art demands daily practice even after a long life doing it. That's impressing to me, that anyone are so dedicated to their art. Perhaps that's the differens too. I spread alot more between different things while dedicated people consentrate on their "small" area.
How do you do it?
Happy Easter to all of you.

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