Monday, April 9, 2012

Her Royal Highness

The Queen of red dresses. I finished this one after Sandra left yesterday.
Today I tried to make another one but I messed it up. They have to be exaggerated, if not they just look stupid. The one I tried to make today was too normal and looked like.....I don't know but it wasn't good.

I have been trying to paint on canvas or a canvas board but I can't manage that. It all becomes too serious then, or something. Have you ever felt the pressure/stress of doing something "real"? In my journal it doesn't matter at all, so I'm relaxed working in it. But as soon as I am to work on canvas I'm not relaxed at all. Of course it sits somewhere between my ears so it should be possible to get rid of it.

Quinn Creative once wrote a post about inviting in the stress and  fear, sit down with them and ask them questions. Perhaps that's what I'll have to do. I recommend you to read her post, it's useful. She wrote it some weeks ago.
The Queen was fun to make and she is odd enough to catch my eyes. I can see that I still can improve on shading and I believe it''s all a matter of experience.
Eyes, mouths and noses, there's a lot of details to improve and one should know a bit about anatomy to be able to make an odd face still look familiar.
The body I created for the Queen made me smile, our former Prime Minister, Gro Harlem Bruntland, was always caricatured this way. Oversized upper body and far too tight skirt. She was never given a looong neck but I love long necks and they do contribute to the odd look.
In real life this kind of bodytype seldom has much of a neck, but that's what make it so fun to create. Beeing free to make whatever one want.

Well, I better go paint some more, I hope you are having fun too.


  1. The Queen of Red Dresses is cute! I love her body and the long neck. I just painted a long neck today, too!

    I think that's one reason why I usually cover my canvases with old book pages before I paint. It takes some of the pressure off plus I like to paint on paper much more than I like to paint on canvas.

  2. She certainly look royal and self composed in her beauty! :D Julie

  3. Wow, you have been so busy! I just went back through your posts and I can't believe how much I've missed. I have been so busy and haven't had as much time to visit blogs. You amaze me with how creative you are and how much you always seem to accomplish. I love your little crochet animals. Your journal pages are gorgeous and the red queen is fantastic. I love her long neck and the red really pops. I like the way you did the papers in the background too. Looks great. I, like you, tend to freeze when I work on canvas too. I don't know why, I guess it's because I don't work on it as much. I think I feel like it has to be perfect. I think you're doing a wonderful job on your canvas painting. Love it!! Hope all is well with you! :)