Sunday, April 15, 2012

A sketch.

I intend to do parts of this sketch on canvas.

When I first sat down to make this sketch I thought of doing some fun-birds. I'm pleased with the form of the birds and the tree branches, but it's not as fun as I wanted it to be. Parts of this is painted with twinks and the rest with crayons.
Well, talking of crayons a couple of days ago I ordered a brand new set of carand'ache crayons. One set for me containing 126 pieces and a set for Sandra with 30 pieces. Sandra dosen't know about it and I can't wait for them to arrive. Those crayons has been on her wishlist for a long time now so I know she will excited about having them.

My birds looks natural except from their feet and colours. I think perhaps I will try to make a series of them to practice making fun birds.


The other day when I picked up my mail from the mailbox I found not less than 5 postcards from all over the world. Wow, that made my day. Look at the fun Eastercard. All of them are special, I love getting cards in my mail!!

Quite another issue.

Have you ever been a "not that good friend"?
Friday I had a phonecall from my very good childhood friend and in between a lot of talking she asked me if I could remember a tablecloth I had promised to make for her. OH YEAH, I remember now!! This promise was made 15/20 years ago and all forgotten.  Do you still want it? I asked because the actual tablecloth is laced and I thought perhaps she wouldnt have that now. Yes please she answered, "I have never forgotten that piece so if you will consider making me one....................

Of course I will make her one, with such a good memory and huge love for that special piece I got started at once. I'll show you when it's finished. It's a mix between crochet and cotton damask fabric.

Have a good Sunday


  1. OH wow, what a memory you have, after all this time! This is so meant to be! You are a wonderful friend!
    I love, love,love the painting... If you could get that on a roll of wall paper I'd have it papered in a bedroom or dining room... Its gorgeous! Much love! Julie

  2. Laila, I love your sweet little fun birds, they are adorable. I look at all the many wonderful things you make and am completely amazed at your incredible talent. I am so excited to see more of your birds. They would make such fun cards too! How fun that you and Sandra will be able to work side by side with your new crayons. I'm sure she will love that.
    You are a good friend, I can't wait to see this tablecloth, I know it's going to be absolutely spectacular!
    Blessings and Peace to you! Hope you are doing well and enjoying the beauty of Spring! :)