Friday, April 20, 2012

I had to pull myself in a bit.

Good Morning!

Yesterday was such a happy day, for no reason. I just felt happy.
 My prepared covers shouted at me and I had to paint another face. This time I felt for making a realistic face so, from time to time I studied a photo to get things right. I also felt for getting closer to nature than my last faces have been.
Did I say right.......I always see things that's not right. Why didn't I notice the right eye before painting?? Ugh... And her chin and and and...... Do you experience this kind of things too??
I'm so deep into the process that I start painting immediately when the drawing is done. I don't remember to put it aside.
The hair thing is another chapter. This time I'm pleased with the hair and I will practise a lot more doing it. Below is the first layer of paint done. I discovered a new way to use my water soluble crayons ( this whole painting is done using crayons.) I simply scribble on top of a clear stamp holder, you know the ones one can see through. Then I add water with my brush and mix it before painting on my drawing. That way I can mix a lot of colours and add little by little.
It might of course be that I'm the last one in the world knowing this, but now I know. Before painting I add a layer of matte medium on top of my drawing, which make it much easier to get an even result. Boy do I look forward to my new crayons. Now I have 30 different colours and the new set contains 126!! With my new way of doing it  that means thousands of shades.

Can you see I gave her some blood here? Isn't that just amazing to see in the process, how the drawing is coming " alive" It was much easier to give her a graded (?) skintone using the new way of doing it. Still not perfect, but I'm learning. Hopefully!

And now she got lively eyes too. Her hair is not bad, but I need to practise it more often. When it comes to her earrings I can't decide whether one should be lowered. She is tipping her head a tiny bit towards right so it isn't unnatural but it strikes my sight every time I see it. What do you think?

When I started this one I was determined to make the background first of all. As usual I forgot while in the process. All in all I'm pleased. In person she is not quite that pale as the photo trick you to think. Handyman asked me what I should do with all these faces. I don't know, but I have a suitable wall so perhaps I should make my own female portrait gallery.

Have a great day everyone!!

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  1. Wow, it is really cool to see the transition as you go along. The depth of color and shadows really make her come alive and come up off the page. She looks great and I love the background too.
    Yay for new crayons. :)