Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Small things.

Just a little update. I have been busy crocheting but have also done some painting and preparings. The tablecloth is now finished. Right now it's in the washingmashine. I'll let it dry and of course iron it before I can photograph it.

I was making a couple of cards yesterday. The first one is a garden, Grandma's garden is what the text says. Way back I once saw this image (grandma) as a sign outside a garage. At first I thought it was a real human that was cleaning the flowerbeds, but with a closer look it turned out to be a homemade sign. Both handyman and I was laughing over this for long time and I have always been thinking of doing this.

The next one is a bird. A blue world bird. If I should do it over again I would do the surroundings differently. But the bird is nice and much better in person. 

Do you have any terms of birds, birds names used to describe something quite different? You know, jailbird is not excactly a bird. Would you like to share some with me?

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  1. Oh cool there great! Like them so much, your being really arty!