Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finally some paint again.

Late this evening I finally sat down at my desk again. 

It's been so long without painting and tonight I discovered how much I've been missing it. Tomorrow I will paint all day. Well at least almost.
When I have been surfing around in blogland lately I have felt my fingers itching, and now it's time.
 What I did tonight was painting an old sketch just to get started.

There are so many things I want to do so it can be hard to choose.
My crocheting has come to an end for now. The last bird just have to get his legs in place. They are much fun to make and I'm sure I will make more of them later on.
I have to show you my last ones too, for me they all have their own personalities.

These two guys are teens, I'm sure they both would have very quick movements if they were alive.

The one below is more like a duck. I made him when in the phone and don't really know what happened. Something different with the shape of his head. That's why I had to give him different feet.

Say hello to granny, she is slow more like sailing. Notice her slippers, they are removable. It doesn't show well but she has pink dots too.

And finally I just had to make a princess. She was so much fun to make. The crown is fasten with yarn because I will not use glue on them. She has beads on her tail and gold shoes.

I have got a lot of feedback on these birds. People seems to like them alot and that's fun for me, but they are not ready to leave home yet.
I hope you enjoy looking at them, and thanks for stopping by.

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