Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January gone.

First month done.

It's unbelievable, but now we can look forward to more light during the day. I can already see that our days (light) comes earlier and lasts longer. This morning we had a beautiful sunrise too. All the smal birds singing and preparing for nesting. This photo got me thinking of the folks that knit one row a day and use the sky as colour chart. Not much grey in the sky this morning.

We have a tiny layer of snow now and that's alright. The howling storm we had last week seems to be gone and that's a relief. You know the feeling, when heading outdoors and it's bitterly cold. Your bones are freezing and that cold won't let go for awhile. Those winds from east bring us a taste of Siberian frost. Good then to have a warming place to be.

I was thinking of doing a monthly collage this year, and here is my first one.

Have a nice day and take good care everyone.

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  1. The month has flown by for me! I just caught up with your blog. I like the arch theme you're working on, also the art you got in the mail, and your monthly mosaic/collage is great. I always get inspired when I visit you!