Sunday, January 15, 2012

We had a good time.

This weekend Sandra and I was creative.

Sandra made some fabulous paintings this weekend, and I made something special too. In the end of 2011 I made a decision to either trade or buy artwork from my fellow bloggers. My intentions are to do this once a month in 2012. And I'm lucky to report that my very first trade is ongoing right now.

One of my fellow bloggers was interested in my potholders and we agreed on trading. So, this weekend I've been crocheting, painting and writing a tiny bit. My package are ready for shipping first thing in the morning, well first I have my very first training hour to do.

I'm sure you understand why I can't show any photos of my "doings". That would, of course, spoil all the fun for the person who is waiting for my package.
I'm so excited about this, she had some very likable drawings/paintings to trade and I just can't wait to see them in person. What exciting times!!

What I can show you is some of Sandras paintings.

I so much fell in love with these two. I should have taken some photos of them before she painted them, just to show you how fantastic they were. With paint some of the clarity disappears, but I still like them. You really should have seen them in person. And you should've seen Sandra too when she got this idea. She was so eager and didn't have any questiones on how to.
Lucky me to take part of all this.

The text top left says Boy and top right Girl and they are in love as I understood it.
She wasn't quite done when I took the photos. She did a bit more on the eyes and added some more color to the letters on top.
Here's a close up.

I hope you all had as much joy as me this weekend.


  1. I think thats a wonderful idea to trade our work, it must be exciting waiting to see what comes,

  2. Looking forward to the trade, as well. I am happy to say that your goodies are on their way.
    Love her drawings, very sweet! :)