Monday, January 23, 2012

Todays card.

Have you ever heard of Postcrossing?
I'm a member of postcrossing, I send and receive postcards from all over the world. It's so exciting to open my mailbox every day to see if there are any cards and where they're from.
Yesrerday I made a sort of arcive to store my cards. I used a shoebox and some cardboard to write the country names on. That way it's easier to find a specific card.

I've got some lovely cards and today I found a very special one in the mailbox. That one was sent from Finland (Suomi) and it looks like this.

This card gave me some new ideas on what/how to paint. Some of the details are just a sight. Very nice card.

Today I'm going to make a card for a girl in Russia, she fancy the hand made cards and I'll make her one. Always a joy to sit down and try to make something that suits the recipient.
I really recommend you to try Postcrossing. It's free (well, one have to pay for the cards/ stamps) and the speed of it all one decide for oneself.
One of these days the Postcrossing system will turn 10 000 000 received postcards. Isn't that something? I've added their blog to my bloglist, go have a look.

The runningbusiness was a COLD affair today. We have a few minus degrees and it's windy. That makes it cold. But, we did it and that's the main thing.

For the time beeing I'm doing some crocheting. Something I wanted to try because of a comment I left on a blog. Have to see that my suggestion will work. :-)

That's all for now, take care everyone!

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