Thursday, January 19, 2012

Playing together is fun!

We had lots of fun.

Happiness is, amongst other things, to have good friends to paint and play with. We spent some wonderful hours together. We just had to pour some coffee into Margit at once. Margit is my friend since highschool and now she is jobing nightshift. She had not slept much and therefore she was a bit tired when arriving. But as always, coffee came to rescue.

Yesterday I made some "sheets" for us to work on. I used cardboard and glued some cut up bookpages onto them. That gives a nice and textured surface to work on. Mine is the one below, the other two didn't have time to work on theirs. They brought them back home and will work on them there.

I didn't have any plan when doing mine, just worked on intuition. For a while I thought of making a dinner plan, lets say for a month, but didn't. This could be anything, another good idea that came to me was to write down all the special days of the year. You know, all those days from old times that, according to old traditions, made weather signs and so forth. One side for summertime, the other for winter. In Norwegian that is called Primstav and was a sort of calendar. Perhaps I should make one. I'll think about it. In any case, my sheet isn't for anything special just a suggestion to what could be done. (for my friends)

Here you see Margit in action.

Margit says hello.

Astri says hello too.

Astri is my cousin and we've had a lot together. She is new to this kind of work and she liked it alot. We agreed on getting out buying some suplies together. I've found a shop that are willing to order things for me and I think it's fair to help them sell stuff in return.


Speaking of suplies, today I ordered some twinkling watercolours. I have been reading the blog Dion Dior and it's so inspiring what she is doing with those colours. Today was my day, they were in stock and I ordered. Yay!!
I also got an e-mail from my trading friend saying that my stuff is on it's way, I can hardly wait for it to arrive. Double yaaaay!!

Early this morning I also was out running, I'm so proud of myself. My training friend works nightshift too and we're training right after she leaves job. Then she goes home for sleeping and I go home beeing proud of myself. After one week training I really believe that this is going to work and that we are going to continue.
Not bad if one has passed 50 and not been running since one was 15.

Life is good to me!!

Take care everyone!


  1. A play date...what fun! And congratulations on sticking with the running. That's great.

  2. What fun - I think we all need to remember to play!!!!

  3. Laila, your page is gorgeous. I really like what you added to it. What a fun idea. So excited for you that you had a girl craft day, those are always so much fun. I used to have quilt days like that with my friends. That is really awesome that you are out running, I have a goal to do that too, although I haven't stuck to it much because of being sick then weather. I plan to tomorrow though. :) Have a happy and beautiful day!