Monday, January 30, 2012

Look what I got in the mail today!

I was soooooo excited.

I decided at once to delay the opening moment. It's so nice to know it's finally here, yet still I want to delay. Tell myself to wait at least another hour and then be able to feel my resistance melt like butter. It's quite interesting to observe oneself in those situations.
I have to touch it once more, feel it, and think about what it has been through. All the way from The US. Perhaps I should just open it at once? No....., I make another turn around in the house trying to think of other things. Impossible, all my senses know about that envelope.

The struggle between me and my will lasts for 20 minutes. I melted alot faster than expected. Do you ever do things this way?

Look at this beautiful artwork. It's called "The long way home" and it spoke to me the minute I saw it in Heathers shop. Now I'm the proud owner of it and will use some time to choose a proper place to hang it.

The one below is so sweet, and I immediately thought of Sandras room when I first saw it. I think that will be the right place to hang it.

As if that wasn't enough Heather had made me a handmade card as well. A beautiful and handwritten message inside.
This has been such a lovely experience, now it remains to see if my envelope to her will turn up safe at her place. I keep my fingers crossed for that.

Thanks alot Heather, this has been so much fun!!

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  1. Hooray!! We both got ours at the same time. How very exciting. I am so happy. I wrote a post about it too! Yay!!!