Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WOW, another package.

But this time I traded with money.
( Also known as buying)
I had to visit the postoffice to pay the customs for this package. I have been vaiting for this one, and today was the day. Can you imagine my excitement? I was close to get the opening done down at the postoffice. Back home I couldnt wait another minute. All these lovely colours. My goodness!!

Twinkling H2o's.
Below you see one lot opened. Two more to go. But, I think I'll have to register them so I can be able to know which lot they belongs to. All the lids are black on top so I think it would be wise to mark them with some of the colour inside the box.

In the papers coming with the package they wrote me an underlined message. They so much appreciate my business that the website charged  $ 8.17 too little in shipping costs. :-))
Inspite of that they've sent me some goodies for free too, which I appreciate alot. Below you see what I got for free.

I'm not quite sure how to use the silk thing, but I'll just have to pay their website a visit again to find out more about it.
Now my fingers are itching, what a fun month this will be! I'll will be sharing my experiences with you. You know the painting skills wasn't included so I'll have to trust myself. :-)


I've been doing some changes to my blog and now I know nothing. There were no way around it so I'll have to get used to it. Amongst other things I've made a Trading page, go have a look and if you see something you like to trade let me know.
Now, it's all about colourfun for me, have a wonderful day you too!!

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