Monday, June 2, 2014

See through experiment.

I have been working on an experiment lately.

My question was, Is it possible to work two layers on top of each other, and make it look like the top layer is transparent? I got the idea when a friend of mine, Marguerite Meara, shared a blogpost on a FB group I'm part of. I didn't use a regular stencil, but a fabric I have, to draw down the design and then I doodled in the underlying shapes.

The photo above shows the finished drawing, from this point it's all exciting. First of all to color in my design. Doodling is normally black and white, at least in my head, but I wanted colors in this project so I took that risk. I have a box containing 12 inktense watercolor pencils, Derwent, and that's what I used for coloring. The advantage of using these pencils is that they will turn permanent once dried, and that suits well for my further plans. Below, all shapes colored.

 In my head, this is two fabrics on top of each other, and I wanted the top layer  to be transparent even when I'm finished painting that layer too. But first I needed to complete the underlying part. The dark blue parts were fun to make, I used salt to make it look patterned, and it's really beautiful in person. When that was dry I did the stitching, and painted the stitches with a pink color.

So far everything looks like I wanted to, except, I'm a bit worried about all the colors, it looks a bit messy, but I hope to be able to tone it all down a bit. Next thing is to shade and then I'll start working the top layer.
I hope to be back tomorrow to show you the second half of my experiment.
Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. I really like the thought you had to do this piece! Layering!! I've been doing many of these using the inktense pencils to lay in the background color then finishing the detail with my verithin colored pencils. LOVE this! Can't wait to see the finished piece!

  2. Super, super lækker lag på lag tegning.
    Den er virkelig skøn med alle farverne :)

  3. you are a seriously great artist, I am enthralled with design, so wonderful, cant wait to see it finished. |Thanks for the nice comments on my blog

  4. Jumping Jack looking thru one of life's cell's.

  5. Wow - this is amazing! I went through the whole experiment and am in awe of your idea as well as your execution - absolutely gorgeous! What patience and precision and talent to achieve that - beautiful!