Thursday, June 5, 2014

In the garden right now.

I took my camera for a walk in the garden yesterday evening.

Lots going on at the moment.


Irises on their fullest

I had to rescue this daisy from the slugs earlier this spring. It's now potted and is coming with at least 6 buds.

 Peonies, some towards the end and some just sprung.

The lilacs have been beautiful this year, and some days the whole area has had the scent of them.

The giant Alliums are coming this year as well.

Some potted roses

And the Hostas, I have lots and lots of them. This is a close up, I love how the raindrops are reflecting the light.

There is a lot more blooming now, but I can't drown you with photos.
Have a beautiful day, everyone.

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  1. must have a beautiful garden with all those flowers! I have one thing blooming in my back yard and it's struggling.