Monday, September 3, 2012

Interesting days.

A new way of doing it.

I've told handyman that I want to have a plate of glas on top of my desk because it would be so easy to mix colors directly onto the plate. Easy also to wash it away later on. As a start he found me a squared window-plate, slightly bigger than my watercolor paper. That was how I came up with this new way of doing things. New to me at least.

I paint on the glas. Choose my colors and at the end I lay my paper on top of it all, some heavy books on top of that again and leave it for awhile. Using my 300 grams watercolor paper, thick and with an uneven surface, I get some interesting results. There is still enough paint left over to do a second " print " I'm so amazed on how this looks that I'll have to explore it further. I want to try if I can do a planned outcome and still get this cool result.
I didn't add much to the startpoint I showed you yesterday. The piece looks much nicer in person. I used a small amount of my twinkling paint too but it doesn't show in the photo.


The one below is another startpoint made this way. It's the uneven surface that make all the dots. It's much more easy to gain a strong color too, this way.

This is the second " print ", I like this even better than the first one. To make this print I sprayed a tiny bit of water onto the paint before I added my paper. That's probably why all the small dots appeared.

Can you tell I'm enjoying this? Now I want it to be more than a coincidence, I want to gain the result I plan to make. I don't know if it's possible but I'll try.

Have a good day.

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  1. Using glass as a palette is a great idea but then you took it one step farther and used it to print with. LOVE it!