Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A big mystery.



Todays work is made on a less heavy paper. I'm very in doubt on how to finish it. It's a very special piece and for me it touches something deep inside. It's like having a flash from ancient times. You know, when the glaciers were melting and people started to settle down.


What's up and down? I've turned it a thousand times and am not closer to an answer still. I've added some small details but couldn't do any more. What do you yhink?
I have thought of adding the ancient alphabeth along the edges, but I'm unsure. Until I know, it has to be put aside.

Below I've turned it the other way around. In some ways it feels more correct this way. I have to smile, this is one of the rare occations when I'm unable to make a decission. Very unlike me.

What would you have done?

Have a good day everyone!

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